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Purchase a week

Buy your holiday apartment at Vacances Vaugrenier


When you buy an apartment on a timeshare basis, you only pay for the period in which you want to stay in the apartment. That is the whole idea behind the timeshare concept – and your apartment in Les Hauts de Vaugrenier, in the beautiful south of France.


Each apartment are divided into 50 weeks. The owner only pays for the chosen week and the apartment can be used in that same week every year until 2083. If you don’t want to use your timeshare week you can put it up for rent on the Vacances Vaugrenier website, rent it yourself or exchange it through Exchange Company like RCI or


After your purchase you have to pay an annual service charge to the Owners’ Association.


This covers all running and maintenance costs for the apartments. The service charge is determined at the annual general assembly.


The service charge includes the use of bed linen, towels, electricity, water, parking

place and the final cleaning. All you have to bring to have a pleasant vacation in

Vaugrenier is your personal items.

If you would like to hear more about the possibilities for buying a timeshare in Vacances Vaugrenier, please contact either our Manager in France by e-mail: or the chairman of the owners association by e-mail:


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