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Our History

Our History began in 1986 when the Danish lawyer Erik Juul-Larsen, through his French company SARL Franco-Danoise Les Englades, bought 23 apartments in the Les Englades building complex in Les Hauts de Vaugrenier. He chose to have the 23 apartments registered as time-shares, allocated to timeshare weeks and during the years all apartment weeks were sold. The right of use for the bought time-shares is applicable until December 31st 2083, when it expires and the apartments revert to SARL Franco-Danoise Les Englades as condominiums. The project was named Time Share Vaugrenier.


After the purchase and sale of the many timeshares, a couple had to be found to run the operation. Bent and Daphne Hensen were hired. They had spent several years abroad. Daphne was born in Ireland and Bent in Denmark. Simultaneously, an office was set up in Denmark to manage the sale and manage the administrative routines including the collection of service charges.


When the sale had been completed, attorney Erik Juul-Larsen chose to let the operation be transferred to an Owners’ Association with a board chosen by the general assembly. In 1988 a foundation was called to establish an Owners’ Association and due to the geography of Denmark, board members form both east and west of Storebælt were chosen. This is how it has worked through the years, and the Owners’ Association has only had a few chairmen and board members throughout that time.


In 2001 Daphne and Bent chose to take a well-deserved retirement, and the board hired Solange and Jan Fløjborg as successors for the Hensens. Solange and Jan came from Denmark. Solange was born in Italy. During these years the project changed its name to the present one: Vacances Vaugrenier, but still with the subtitle Time Share Vaugrenier. Solange resigned December 2015 and Jan shortly thereafter in March of 2016.


In 2016 the operation of the office /reception in France was changed to Facility Management Arrangements. So today Millat and Henrik Bryde are at the office. They are independent businessmen, and their task is to greet guests and owners make sure repairs are done etc. This is a more up-to-date method of organizing the tasks and providing relief during sickness etc.


As mentioned above the Owners Association handles the operation of the project itself. During the past 29 years since the establishing of the Owners Association there have only been three chairmen. During 1988-2009 Werner Strauss held the post. In 2009-2010 Hans Stige held the post and in 2010 Kjeld Petersen was elected and he still holds that post.


Through its more than 30 years history, the project and Owners’ Association have been under stable leadership and have managed to maintain their independence, due partly to the founder's commitment and ability to create a structure that benefits all owners today


Today there are about 540 owners distributed among 17 different nationalities both within the EU and outside. All material is drawn up in three languages: Danish, English and French respectively.


The Owners Association Vacances Vaugrenier follows the international rules for sale of timeshares and is a member of the Danish trade organization ”Dansk Timeshareejer Forening”. Agreements have been signed with two leading trade organizations, so the owners can make arrangements through these, if and when they would like to go somewhere else for a year or two.



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